An Olympic Boxer Demonstrates How to Punch Hard and Fast if Youre Caught in a Street Fight

Tony Jeffries is a former professional boxer and Olympic medalist. Since retiring from the sport with an undefeated record, he has been sharing his insights on technique and training for boxing newcomers on his YouTube channel. In a recent video, he offers some advice on what to do if you find yourself in a situation where you’re going to have to defend yourself. If there’s no way of de-escalating things, Jeffries has three key tips on what to do to land some hard, fast punches so you can put an end to it and get out of there.

First and foremost, stay relaxed. “I know it’s easier for me to say this than for you to do it, but you need to stay relaxed,” says Jeffries. “I don’t mean sitting there drinking a cup of coffee, waiting for this street fight to happen, I mean stay relaxed with your arms and your shoulders. You want to stay loose… When you’re stiff, your punches are slower, and if your punches are slower, they’re not going to be as hard or fast.”

Secondly, he advises against swinging, and instead suggests throwing a short, straight punch. With a huge swing, your opponent will see it coming from a mile away, because it’s so slow. “The fastest way to travel is in a straight line,” he says.

The third and most important way to get speed and power into your punch, according to Jeffries, is to really think about it. “I’m thinking about speed, I’m throwing the punch correctly, I’m fully extending my arm, I’m turning my hip, I’m staying relaxed in the shoulders.”

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