The Beauty Collab I Didn't Know I Needed? Shrek Nail Polish.

I'll be honest, this is a story I never imagined myself writing in my time as a beauty editor, but damn am I glad to be writing it. That headline you clicked on is totally real: there's an officially licensed Shrek nail polish collection coming your way from LaPierre Cosmetics, a BIPOC-founded brand that specializes in nontoxic nail polishes. 

Together, LaPierre and Dreamworks (the animation company behind Shrek) have come up with a set of eight shades inspired by everyone's favorite Ogres, Donkey, and Dragon. Shown below, the three metallic and five standard colors in the collection are surprisingly chic for a movie full of fart jokes. Each shade is inspired by the various characters of the film franchise like the gunmetal hue named Ba-Donkey Donk, the Dragon of Duloc, a dark and metallic magenta, plus Shrek-ish, a lime green.

Seeing as I've based my entire personality on Princess Fiona's, you can consider me first in line to order this collection when it launches exclusively on LaPierre's Instagram shop on October 25. Otherwise, I'll be waiting patiently for it to drop online at Macy's come November 1. 

The only major downside is that you can only buy these polishes as a bundle for $110 — that said, they do come in an adorable collector's box any Shrek nerd would be proud to display (well, maybe that's just me). But, hey, the chance to tell all of your friends that the very cute nail polish you're wearing is from the Haus of Shrek? That's priceless. 

The LaPierre Cosmetics Shrek-ish collection retails for $110 and is available from LaPierre's Instagram on October 25 and from on November 1.

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