Floris of London Signs With Creed Distributor ICP

Fragrance brand Floris of London is getting a Stateside reintroduction.

International Cosmetics and Perfumes is now handling distribution for Floris of London in North America. The house, which was founded in 1730 and carries two royal warrants, will redistribute its lineup of over 60 scents, home fragrances and bath and body products. Prices of its personal fragrances range from $135 to $310 for 100 ml.

Although Floris of London has a presence with niche retailers in the U.S., it sees tremendous opportunity in the market, where fragrance sales rebounded in 2020. “The U.S. is actually the first country we exported to in 1912,” said Edward Bodenham, the brand’s perfume director and ninth-generation member of the Floris family. “We’ve also always had Americans come and visit us here in London. Our two nations have so much in common in their appreciation for craftsmanship.”

ICP is no stranger to family-operated businesses, having North American distribution rights to the House of Creed, among three new brands to the U.S. market. “We love to be involved with family-owned businesses,” said Emmanuel Saujet, ICP’s chief executive officer. “We feel that dealing with family businesses is really the preferred venue for us, as opposed to a brand that is owned by multiple people and so forth. Having that relationship with a perfumer is really, really wonderful for us.”

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In addition to a relaunch of the brand’s e-commerce website, the brand is rethinking its niche retailers. “It’s only in specialty business right now, so we think there’s a really great opportunity long term,” said Thomas Saujet, president of ICP. “Our first-year goal is once we clean up the distribution a little bit, we’re going to relook at all the stores and see where we want to keep it, and think about remerchandising.”

The brand will also do its rounds in the social marketing arena, with Instagram and influencer marketing taking a central role in its reintroduction. “We’re putting a lot of manpower and money behind that, because it hasn’t been done thus far,” Thomas Saujet said. After the online push, “we’re going to roll it out to one exclusive retail partner in Mexico and another in the U.S., and hopefully in Canada thereafter,” he said.

Industry sources say that the brand is shy of $1 million in retail sales currently, and that rethinking distribution could bring in a volume of $2.7 million in its first 12 months. With that being said, ICP has its hands full with three new brands it is also introducing to the U.S. market, named Akro, Mizensir and Domaine Privé. “We’re not looking to add much more to the portfolio,” Emmanuel Saujet said. “It’s a final stop for us, we’re not going to take on any more brands this year.”

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