EXCLUSIVE: Cacharel Parfums Program Aims to Empower Girls

PARIS — Cacharel Parfums is aiming to empower girls.

The L’Oréal-licensed fragrance brand has inked a long-term partnership with Inspiring Girls, an international nongovernmental organization, to enable young women aged 10 to 16 to set the bar high on their career goals and to succeed on their own, individual terms.

This year, the program will include training L’Oréal employees and brand influencers, dubbed #CacharelSistas, to volunteer as mentors at schools and other events, both online and offline, to inspire girls. The idea is to start the conversations where girls are, such as on digital platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Cacharel is also launching a pilot series of eight Instagram podcast-style videos with its influencers, called #SistasClub, in French and Spanish. Those will span subjects such as ambitions, friendships, family and school.

Inspiring Girls will be launched in France and its activities supported in Spain.

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Guillaume de Lesquen, global president, international designer brand fragrances at L’Oréal, explained that since Cacharel launched its perfumes in 1977, the brand’s purpose has been to empower young women on their path to femininity.

“What does that mean? It means to encourage young girls to express their true identity, to help them live their independence, their uniqueness,” he said. “We need to inspire them to be who they are.”

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Cacharel executive thought about how they could go even further with such a purpose, especially in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Teaming with Inspiring Girls, with role models who speak to girls, fit the bill.

“They do amazing work to increase self-esteem, professional ambitions and expectations for women in the making,” de Lesquen said.

“When it comes to girls’ ambitions, the numbers speak for themselves: Between the ages of eight and 14, girls’ self-confidence decreases by 30 percent, and 78 percent of girls give up on their chosen career path early on in their studies,” said Vicky Booth, chief executive officer of Inspiring Girls International, in a statement. “Thirty-two percent of girls between the ages of 11 and 21 feel that they are given different advice than their male peers about their career paths, even when their interests and capabilities are similar. This partnership with Cacharel is an exciting opportunity to introduce young girls to a full variety of careers and options in life — and inspire them to aim high.”

De Lesquen said the program chimes well with Cacharel’s values, which include authenticity and the importance of human connections.

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